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Deep Brain Chain – Blockchain Artificial Intelligence
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Deep Brain Chain – Blockchain Artificial Intelligence

Full disclosure, I own about 1550 DBC as of writing.
In this day and age one of the largest emerging fields is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its use in the computation of large amounts of data. But one of the largest costs for AI systems has always been the calculation and computation of data. The solution to this problem is DeepBrain Chain (DBC), the world’s first artificial intelligence computing platform. The key to DBC is that it will be able to run calculations for artificial intelligence systems at a much lower cost and higher reliability.

“DeepBrain Chains vision is to provide a low-cost, private, flexible, secure, and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products.” -DBC’s vision

How it works

DBC has its own token and is going to run off a NEO smart contract blockchain, this is important for how the transaction system works. DBC has two main pillars, the first being a decentralized neural network where computation can be distributed to mining nodes around the world. The second is the transaction of information system, the nodes are payed in DBC when the computational mirror image is finished for a piece of data. What that means is, the miners lend their computational power to be used by the network to calculate
data. After they complete the calculation they are rewarded with DBC tokens as payment for their computational data. This incentivizes the computation of data and the secure return of information without disruption. To spell it out, the nodes want to process your data to get payment and they need to be reliable to get to process your data. This makes it competitive to calculate data for an AI enterprise in the best way as it drives down prices for the AI calculations.


The fee the AI company must pay is in GAS which is a much lower price than it currently costs to do locally. GAS is the counterpart to the NEO crypto currency that helps run the NEO network. Since DBC is a secure decentralized blockchain it allows the owners data to be secure while also being impervious to attack on the web. Even if DeepBrain Chain nodes get attacked by hacking or other kinds of online attacks data exposure is impossible. DBC also protects the operation of AI systems so that they will not experience interruptions. This creates a great environment where usage right and owners’ rights can be well defined and work together instead of separate. Thus, making all parties involved better off and increasing the value of the information altogether.


So overall what DeepBrain Chain is achieving is a secure decentralized worldwide neural network for artificial intelligence systems to operate from. Effectively outsourcing much of the computational work to DBC at a much lower cost than doing it with its native AI. The other advantage being that DBC can do this while not risking data hacking or exposure of information. The true potential of this coin and its development will take time to realize as the full testnet will be launched around Q2 2018 and integration with AI systems will be in Q3 2018. Nonetheless this is a cutting edge innovative project that could change and evolve with the artificial intelligence community to be a very valuable coin and service.

By Connor Covello


Cryptocurrency consultant from Canada with a passion for digital currencies and investing. Connor believes strongly in the future of cryptocurrencies and the financial opportunities they represent. Invested himself he strives to practice what he preaches and make sound and well thought out investment decisions.

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