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Quick Tips

Where to purchase BitCoin and other
Crypto Currencies with AUD$ ?

Coinspot (Australian Based – can also sell back into AUD$) : Click here using my affiliate link if you appreciate my information 🙂 

Coinbase :

Where to trade Crypto currencies into other Crypto (ie : Sell BitCoin for Etherium, etc)

Most will require some form of verification.  Recommended that you do not store large amounts of any crypto long term, as you are entrusting the exchange completely.

Bittrex :
Bitfinex :
Poloniex :

Decentralized exchange for Etherium based tokens (Advanced users only, be careful):

Software Wallets

These allow you to actually see how many coins/tokens you are hholding and to send them to another address. Obviously these are just a few for the more popular coins.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet:

MyEtherWallet – for Etherium and Etherium based ERC20 tokens:

NEO wallet – NEON Wallet Github page for downloads

Where to generate paper wallets

A paper wallet means that you generate a public/private key which you can print out/write down and this is a valid address that you can then have your crypto currency sent to and stored.  Just make sure you keep a few copies and hide them very well.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator:

My Ether Wallet, support for Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens:

Monero Paper Wallet (Privacy Coin) Generator –

LiteCoin Paper Wallet Generator –

Hardware wallets

To store your private keys, it is important to not store any private keys on your computer/phone/tablet. You want them on something which is not connected to the internet.


Ledger Nano S:

Another (cheaper) option that I think is actually pretty good is to use USB drives, create a text file with your keys, and encrypt this file so that even if found no-one else can see your private keys without the Password.

  • When it comes down to it your private key/passphrase & passwords are your only method of claiming your assets.  Keep these very secure, make sure you back them up several times and never give your keys to anyone whom you don’t trust completely.
  • This technology is very unforgiving.  It’s biggest appeal is that there is no central authority, yet if you make a mistake there is no-one whom can reverse a transaction or give you back your private keys.  It is solely on you to take the utmost care in  your management.
  • Never keep large amounts of your Crypto currencies on any exchange.  Exchanges are not the same as holding your Crypto on a wallet.  On an exchange your coins are just numbers in a database, although it’s much more convenient, long term it may not be worth it.
  • Be very careful of clicking links and read the domain name carefully.  Some emails will send you a link that looks like a legitimate link and try and get you to enter your private keys.  If you do this on the wrong site your assets will be gone.
  • At the moment there are many garbage ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), pyramid scheme type ventures, and a few outright scams.  Be very wary and do not treat this as a get rich quick scheme.  Odds are you may prematurely knock yourself out of the long term potential of this technology.  Be in it for the long term and spread your risk around.
  • So far Blockchain technology has been completely secure, 3rd parties are where the dangers have been. They are the target of most of the hacking attempts.