Crypto, NFTs and Web3 are a massive opportunity for forward thinking businesses. The interest in Crypto and NFTs is exploding. Big name brands, celebrities and businesses are rushing to get involved, as they see the opportunities. The projects that take this seriously and look at it from a long term perspective, are the ones which will really benefit.

We are an Australian based consultancy with many years of experience in Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs and software & web development.


We can provide basic education and introductory sessions into the Crypto and NFT space to members of your organisation. We are happy to cater to all knowledge levels and can focus on the areas which your business is most interested in.

Exploration & Consulting

Are you curious about the Crypto and NFT space, and how it could work for your business? We offer sessions to both educate your team on the NFT, crypto, and metaverse space, as well as helping to brainstorm and ideate on how your business could use these tools.

Ongoing Planning and Development Support Services

Combining expertise with long term strategic thinking to determine the best way to bring your Crypto project to life. We provide planning and development support and can help you to find the best resources required for the project.

We have a wide variety of technical expertise and can assist with blockchain selection, solidity and smart contract development (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, etc), Web3 integration, NFT creation, Token deployment and much more. 

Please note: We do not offer any legal or financial advice. 

Ensure that you make the right decisions for your Crypto or NFT project. It's important to carefully consider several different aspects to ensure that your project has the best chance of succeeding.

Token vs NFT?

We believe that most projects will be better off launching an NFT as the core element, over a simple token, because NFTs are something with which most people can connect with more easily, due to their visual nature. But every project and use case is different and it’s something to consider carefully.

Utility of the NFT/Token?

It’s important to think about what utilities the holders of the token will gain. You need to provide some form of value for these holders. That may be within an online ecosystem or in a more “real life” setting.

What actions do you want to incentivise?

Tokens and NFTs can be used to incentivise behaviours that you want your users or customers to take.  This can be very beneficial and can act in a similar way to traditional ‘rewards programs’, but much more powerful.

Monetisation strategy?

We believe that focusing on the long term is the best way to go in this space. Both for a business and for the Token holders. Short term cash grabs can appear attractive, but carry a significant amount of risk.

Community engagement?

Much of the power of Crypto comes from its ability to help coordinate and align people towards a common goal. You can use tokens to incentivise community engagement, which can create value for your business, drive more engagement, and this has a powerful fly-wheel effect.


Tokenomics involves studying the factors that impact the demand and supply of tokens. The factors include quality, distribution and production of crypto tokens. This is key to think about early on, as it can have big implications on the long term success of your project.

We are an Australian based team of Crypto and IT experts, who are passionate about this new space.

We believe this has huge potential to transform and shape the coming decades and will have a big impact on many industries and may even transform the traditional business model itself.

Those who get in front of this new paradigm will benefit greatly. If you are interested in talking further, simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

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