A look into the term ‘Crypto’

There is much fog of semantic noise and confusion surrounding the sphere of ‘crypto economics’ and a real need to adequately define our terms within a framework that puts things…

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Cryptolve Weekly Watchlist – January 21, 2018

Disclosure: This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered as investment or tax advice. The author does not endorse any of the products discussed. It was…

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Cryptolve Weekly Roundup – January 21, 2018

Well, until the South Korean government makes a concerted effort and statement regarding their view of cryptocurrencies, except continued pressure on the market. Contrasting opinions continue to come out of…

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BeefLedger – Combating Beef Fraud and improving efficiency of the Beef Supply Chain

BeefLedger (http://beefledger.io/) is an Australian, blockchain based platform currently in development which is seeking to improve both the efficiency of the Beef supply chain and also creating a solution to…

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An overview of prediction markets and their potential

Prediction markets are exchange-traded markets created for the purpose of trading the outcomes of specific events (an event derivatives market), with market prices thought of as reliable indicators of what…

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Why Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will leave many businesses behind.

Over the past few years, many businesses have been looking into how to incorporate blockchain technology into their businesses.  I believe that they fundamentally misunderstand what these systems will bring,…

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Cryptocurrency Situation in Russia

What you Need to Know Russia has taken a hard stance toward Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin and the crypto-market were not yet so well known, as they are today,…

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Crypto Forks And Splits Explained

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Bitcoin fork?  Trying to understand the language spoken by Cryptocurrency investors, can be quite daunting at…

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